With this dynamic cut, the styles are endless. Flattering for all face shapes, layers will be tailored to complement yours. The versatility of this cut makes it a stylish option for all hair textures and thicknesses. Curls get movement, bounce, and volume for a never-dull look.

Paul Mitchell Sculpting Glaze


Mix Paul Mitchell Super Sculpting Glaze and Paul Mitchell Extra Body Thicken Up together in your palms, then evenly apply to damp hair. Diffuse with a blow dryer, then finish with Paul Mitchell Spray Wax to give curls definition and control.


For a second look, make curls sleek and smooth by applying Paul Mitchell Hot Off the Press to the ends, then use a flat iron. For added personality, rub a wax like Paul Mitchell Dry Wax into small sections to create a piece-y look.

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