Textured comb over hairstyle

Textured Comb Over


Want a men’s haircut with a little length that still looks neat and cleaned up? A long clipper haircut like this may be just the thing. First, a clipper is used to cut the sides and back to around 3/4 of an inch. Then the top is scissor trimmed with the short sides and back to bring the look together for a smooth transition. The style’s completed with a sharp neckline that’s kept tight over the ears and blends into the sideburns. It’s a solid choice for the guy who doesn’t want to go super short, and wants flexibility to change up the look for different occasions.
Paul Mitchell Spray Wax


When freshly washed hair is almost dry, apply Paul Mitchell Spray Wax and then brush hair into place with a firm bristle brush. Follow with Paul Mitchell Super Clean Finishing Spray to hold the style in place, then let it air dry.

Good For

Curly, Thin-to-Thick, Wavy, Texture

Multiple angle view of a man's haircut


Get a real sense of how the textured comb over looks from all angles. Check out the front, sides, and back of this classic men's haircut.

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