Short Layers with Gray Blending


Discover a whole new you with this professional, traditional cut, plus a look-years-younger gray blending treatment. First, for the cut, the sides and back are trimmed. Then, the top is cut with a scissors-and-comb cutting technique, to a length of about two inches. It’s then joined with the sides and back. Finally, this sharp style is finished with a cleaned-up, square neckline.

Gray blending is a color service that camouflages the white hair with a washable dye, and leaves just a minimal appearance of gray.  It’s great if you’d like a “salt-and-pepper” look, but want to exude a more youthful energy. Plus, it washes out uniformly, so you won’t have to worry about roots or lines. Give gray blending a try next time you’re in Supercuts. It can take as little as 10 minutes. 


MITCH Clean Cut Styling Cream helps keep the classic short layers looking neat, while adding just a touch of shine. 

Good For

Wavy, Fine-to-Medium, Straight

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Style Tip

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