• Longer Comb Over

Longer Comb Over


Show off healthy, shiny hair with a side part and long layers. By creating a firm part and combing the layers to the side, the face is framed and natural highlights come to life. A classic old Hollywood style, give the cut new life by giving it a messy, piece-y look or sweeping it back into a pompadour.


Blow or air dry until it’s just slightly damp, then brush into desired shape with a firm bristle brush. Hold it in place using Paul Mitchell Super Clean Finishing Spray.


For a second look, apply Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam to damp hair, then blow dry hair while brushing hair in the opposite direction of where it’s worn. When dry, let it fall back to the usual side and use your fingers to massage it into place, following up with Paul Mitchell Super Clean Finishing Spray to keep it in place.


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