Wavy Pompadour with Permanent Part

The cut

It’s a thoroughly up-to-date version on one of the best old school haircuts: the wavy pompadour with a permanent part. The hair is first cut with a clipper on the sides and back to get the look going. Then, after it’s combed with a side part, the top is comb-and-shears cut to lessen the “weight” (the amount of hair on top of the head). The sections are then combined, with an eye on every detail. Finally, the part is then lightly clippered to keep it in place. This is the the sort of haircut you may keep getting over and over. Give it a shot.  

Paul Mitchell Foaming Pommade

The styling

To keep your pompadour looking great, a pomade like Paul Mitchell Foaming Pommade gives natural texture, control, and a bit of shine. 

Good For

Medium-to-Thick, Wavy, Texture, Straight

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