Short layer quiff hairstyle

Short Layers


When thick, dense hair feels hard to manage, the short layers cut is a great way to tame it. By scissor cutting the bulk into a managable length and then razor cutting in texturized ends, a versatile style is created that’s easy to maintain. Volume and lift is created for a cut that can be made messy or neat and clean. Whether you like to wash-and-go or take time to use the blowdryer, this cut will work for you.
MITCH Matterial Styling Clay


Blow dry hair while using a firm bristle brush to pull hair up and away from the roots, and toward the back of your head. Once dry, rub MITCH Matterial Styling Clay between your hands and run it through your hair.

Good For

Medium-to-Thick, Wavy

Multiple angle view of a boy's haircut


Get a real sense of how this short layers cut looks from all angles. Check out the front, sides, and back of this always popular style.
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