Supercuts and Major League Baseball™

The Rituals of Ready to Go

Supercuts - Official Hair Salon of Major League Baseball

No sport boasts more rituals and superstitions than baseball—all to help the players feel ready to go for each pitch and each game. Off the field, Supercuts is here with the cuts and styles to keep you ready to go.


Check out the videos and see which big leaguer or manager relies on which ritual. (The answers are below, but no peeking.):

A. Unstraps and restraps his batting gloves

B. Has specific driving routes, candies, and parking spots 

C. Does everything in threes

D. Sits in same dugout spot

E. Has unique handshakes with each teammate

F. Lines up sunflower seeds and flicks them 

G. Has "BC" (Be Consistent) on everything

1. Didi Gregorius
2. Lorenzo Cain
3. Brock Holt
4. Francisco Lindor
5. Bob Melvin
6. Justin Verlander
7. Ben Zobrist
(Answers: Gregorius - handshakes, Cain - batting gloves, Holt - seeds, Lindor - "BC," Melvin - driving & candies, Verlander - threes, Zobrist - dugout)