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This interactive online program gives high performing stylists and future leaders a look into what management in all about. The self-paced course explores leadership and management concepts through situational learning, self-assessments and discussions with their leader. The below leaders guide will walk the leader through the program and provides information regarding the check-ins that the learner will need throughout the program. 

Ready, Set Lead! Leader's Guide

Ready, Set, Lead! Participants Joural

Whale Done

Whale Done is designed to teach people to improve their relationships at work in order to become more productive and to achieve better results. 

Whale Done will help your employees learn how to build trust, accentuate the positive, and, when a mistake occurs,  redirect the energy for a more productive outcome. It provides a clear, easy-to-use approach that will help employees discover the power of positive relationships and enable them to make more effective choices in their interactions with coworkers. Employees will know how to:

  • Explain the impact that positive relationships and the Whale Done Approach can have on the organization.
  • Identify ways to build trust with others in the organization
  • Identify and implement the five steps of redirection
  • Identify and implement the four steps of the Whale Done Response

Length of Class: One day

Audience: Managers, Assistant Managers

Materials: Whale Done Participants Workbooks- Pack of 10. Order Materials through


Pennies For Profit

A hands on workshop designed to educate the staff on "where the money goes". It's purpose is to allow individuals to see how each employee effects the financial performance of the salon and its parent organization.

Topics covered include: 

  • A list of all the salon's expense
  • Overview of additional organizational costs
  • A Glossary of Terms

Length: 1 1/2 hours

Audience: Staff

Contact: Franchise Consultant

Participants Guide


Leading Change

Leading Change was developed to guide managers as they introduce "change" into their work enviroment.

Leading Change Participants Guide

Follow up Form

Supercuts Action Plan

Negotiating Favorable Outcomes

Discover the secret to win-win solutions! 

Negotiation is an integral part of everyone's job. This hands-on class provides the skills and insights required in successful negotiations. In this class you will learn simple concepts to assist you in successful negotiations with optimum results.

Five Basic Steps in Negotiating Cards

Negotiation Workbook

Effective Scheduling

Effective Scheduling class will educate managers on the importance of collecting and analyzing information that will allow them to create an effective schedule.

Effective Scheduling Participants Guide

Self Marketing & Beyond

Self Marketing & Beyond wil teach your staff:

  1. How to build your salon and their personal brand image.
  2. How to attract amd keep the best stylist to increase salon profitabilty.
  3. The customer service skills needed to convert first-time guests to loyal guests.

Contact your Franchise Consultant to set uo a 1/2 day workshop.

Customer Trial & Retention Guide

Handout card ideas

Marketing Grid

Referral program

Salon Meeting worksheet

Staff Meeting ideas

My Marketing Plan

Supercuts FSO Manager's Guide

The First salon Opening (FSO) Program is designed to provide orientation information to new employees.

Manager Training Handout

Staff Training Handout


Leadership Development

This workshop is designed for anyone who is in a leadership role. This program covers the many skills needed to be an effective leader.

Topics include:

Day One: Communications Skills, Tools for Change, Leadership


Day Two: Ethics, Personality, Support, Team Building, Retention


Audience: District Managers and Assistant Managers who have completed Situational Management


Contact: Franchise Consultant


Leadership Development Participants  Workbook


Situational Management

This workshop is designed for anyone who is in a managerial role. It includes the many tasks and responsibilties of the manager.

Topics covered:

Day One:  Management Beliefs, Confronting Unacceptable Behavior, Handling Customer Complaints, Coach/Teach/Counsel,  Time Management                                                                                                  

Day Two:  Goal Setting, Performance Reviews, Terminations, Recruiting, Interviewing, Hiring                                                    

Audience: District managers, Managers, and Assistant Managers


Contact: Franchise Consultant


Situational Management Participants Workbook


Guest Services Notebook

Participants discuss the Guest Service Follow-up Notebook, how to use it, along with how achievement of professional goals can impact achievement of personal goals. Franchise Consultnats will use Power point and Leader's guide to teach the staff how to use the Notebook. Upon completion of this workshop, participants will receive a manager's guide with instructions on training their staff.

Guest Services Notebook Mgrs Guide

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Quarterly Reflection Workshop

This hands-on Quarterly Reflection Tool orkshop is designed to educate franchisees, supervisors and salon managers on how to analyze the sales Per Hour by day.

Quarterly Reflection Working tool will allow them to know where hours are needed to be added or taken awat from the schedule in order to improve the overall efficiency and profitablity of the salon

Quarterly Reflection Leaders Guide

Steps for using the Quarterly Reflection Tool

Scheduling Forcaster

Quarterly Reflection Worksheet

Sample of Weekly schedule

Sales & Merchandising

This workshop is designed to increase product sales through customer service and effective visual merchandising. Valuable information on the benefits of reatil edcuation will also affect your sales.


Sales & Merchandising Particiapants Workbook

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Do you at times feel like you're overwhelmed - that your business is stuck, you don't have enough time to take care of the details - and you know you need to get back on track. If yes, then this is the class for you. Here are some practices and tools that will help you prioritize, pay attention to the things that matter most, get organized, engage your salon team, help you keep up with your progress and hopefully help you sleep better at night.

Priority Matrix

Salon Assessment Worksheet

Team Assessment Worksheet

Action Plan - Brand Worksheet

Action Plan - People Worksheet

Action Plan - Sales Worksheet

Assistant/Shift Manager Job Description

Area Supervisor/District Manager Job Description