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Supercuts Weekly Email 1/13/2017


This year's contest features TWO ROUNDS and focuses on the men's cut and styling techniques. The TOP stylists from Round 1 will advance to Round 2 and have another opportunity to show us their best men's cut and style for a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to sunny California to attend a masterclass hosted by JPMS Education Team and many other great prizes.

Round 1 runs Feb. 6th to Mar.13 so be sure to encourage your stylists to join the Facebook page, find a model and submit an entry! More information about the submission portal will be shared as we get closer to Feb. 6th.

Stylists can find complete rules, helpful tips and information about contest prizes on the Supercuts Gold Comb Awards Facebook page or in the links below. Also, the Manager Toolkit and important contest forms have been mailed to your salon. Be sure to review the information, share it with your stylist, and contact the Gold Comb Awards Team with any questions or concerns. REMEMBER, stylists can win amazing prizes for both technical excelance AND participation, so don't miss this opportunity to let your stylists shine.

Supercuts Gold Comb Awards Poster

Contest Rules

Gold Comb Toolkit

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Round 1 Entry Form

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Franchise Connection

Your Franchise Connection 2017

Hello and Happy New Year's! Have you made your 2017 Business Resolutions? The Your Franchise Connection Team certainly has and are ringing in the New Year with a fresh set of monthly vidoes designed to help you be successful in 2017. Check out latest episode for tips and tricks to getting your salon and staff in tip-top-shape for the New Year! And always, please continue to send us your feedback and episode ideas to Withour further ado, here is your January, 2017 - New Year's Edition of You Franchise Connection.

Episode One - Recruiting

Episode Two - Digital Recruiting

Episode Three - Retention

Episode Four - Onboarding

Episode Five - Pay Plans

Episode Six - Holiday Retail Recomendations

Working Together Franchise Agreement Amendment

The Supercuts Working Together Relationship & Agreement allows the Franchisor to amend your Franchise Agreement every 10 years to reflect changes in the legal environment, business environment, competitive environment or customer preferences with changes that are justified by existing practices of other franchise agreements of other substantial franchisors, which benefits the system. The last amendment was done in 2005. The Supercuts Executive Council has worked in close cooperation over the past year to create this Amendment, which you will receive in the next few weeks. Please keep an eye out for it. Some of the benefits include:

  • Waiving the Franchisor's right of first refusal for franchise transfers to immediate family.
  • Requiring the Franchisor to indemnify Franchisees for claims caused by Franchisor.
  • Making clear that the Franchisor does not control Franchisees' employment relationships with their employees.
  • Any Franchisee not currently using SuperSalon POS will be required to begin using SuperSalon POS by March 31, 2017, with Franchisor being required to use ongoing reasonable efforts to obtain reasonable pricing for Franchisees' SuperSalon POS fees.
  • Allowing the Franchisor to collect individual customer and transaction information from Franchisees but prohibiting Franchisor and its affiliates from using such information to compete with franchisees and restricting Franchisor's use of such information solely to benefit the Supercuts system.

Supercuts Franchise Agreement Amendment