Technical Education


Hair Stylist Academy (HSA)

The 5 day course takes stylists through the principles of a quality haircut, the Supercuts cutting system and introduces them to the culture of Supercuts. This class is mandatory for all new hires and is primarily conducted in one of our training studios.

Class fee: $240 per stylist ($48 per day or $48 no show fee)


New Stylist Color Training

This 2 day course will take all new Supercuts stylists  through Supercolor technique and prepare them for conducting color services on their salon floor. Stylists must attend this course prior to conducting color services, and no sooner than 30 days after starting in the salon. Color Training classes are scheduled on a monthly basis at the local Supercuts training studio.

Class Fee: $100 per stylist ($50 per day or $50 per no show fee)

There is no charge for a Supercolor rollout in a new salon.

In-Salon Seminars

Seminars are conducted by our Artistic Directors in the salons. Seminars provide our stylists the ability to spend one to one time with the Artistic Director to focus on current trends and other areas of need as determined by the salon Manager. All stylists must participate in 2 seminars each year.

There is no charge for In-Salon Seminars


Recertification is a 3.5 hour class that takes each stylist through the cutting technique to ensure they are still using proper Supercuts technique. Every stylist will need to be recertified annually on their technique. These classes are scheduled on a monthly basis at the local Supercuts training studio.


There is no charge for Recertification


This course is provided to all stylists that are technically strong and are interested in a position within their salon or organization that provides them the ability to teach HSA to new stylists. Once completed with the CTT training, these CTT trainers would work primarily at the salon level and be utilized by the Franchisee to support them technically with new stylists


There is no charge for CTT Training


This class is offered on a limited basis to all managers to help them with pre-training and post-training. This is a 2 day course that provides our managers with excellent teaching tools to help their stylists.


Class fee: $150 per manager ($75 per day)