Real Estate


Regis Real Estate remains a committed resource to assist and guide Supercuts Franchisees with new site assessments, LOI negotiations, lease renewals/relocations and ongoing support for all real estate related issues.

Lease Administration Required Important Dates

As a requiremment of your Lease, we are to provide Landlords with A Commencment Date Agreement (CDA). This document finalizes the Commencement Date of the Lease, the Rent Commencement Date and the Termination Date. In order for us to determine these dates we need for you to provide the Lease Adminstration Dept with the following:

  • The date you received possession of your space (Date of Possession). This is most likely the date you received the keys.
  • The date you have secured your permits for the City or Municipality.
  • The date you received drawings of the space from Landlord
  • The date you"ve received plan approval from the Landlord
  • The date Landlord"s work was 100% complete

It is imperative that you provide these dates to the Lease Administration Department. For your convenience we have an Important Dates Checklist. Please review this checklist and keep it updated as you go through the build out and opening of your salon.


Regis has been working with Buxton to build a Supercuts predictive model to use along with all other information for potential new Supercuts locations. 

The model has been built around a range of variables, including the Supercuts core customer by market, and is included on all Site Interest packages sent out by the Real Estate Department.

For any additional information please reach out to your Real Estate Director.

Password for video: supercutsmodel