From Service Members to Salon Owners

“What military service has taught us it that being part of something bigger than ourselves is the most important thing... it’s about the community.”


Meet Brad and Annette, Army veterans who now own-and-operate three Supercuts franchise locations in South Carolina.


Check out the video to learn more about how the skills and qualities they learned and honed in the military have translated into their new roles as salon owners, including a special dedication to their community and their fellow service members.


Q & A with Brad, Veteran and Salon Owner

In the video, you mentioned that you both knew you wanted to be business owners. What was it about Supercuts that made you decide to become franchise owners?

What drew us to Supercuts was a few different things but the primary things were the business model and the support that corporate would provide.


What are some of the top lessons, experiences and/or knowledge from your service that you apply daily as business owners?

There are many things that I apply from my military experiences:

  • Showing and giving respect.
  • How to communicate with people because you can't use the same approach with everybody. It is a team event. Team work is one of the keys to success. 
  • Follow through on things, do what you say. 
  • Inspect what you expect. Meaning if I want the product shelves cleaned I need to make sure I'm checking to see if they are cleaned and I don't just expect they will get done. 
  • Set the example and show the team I'm not afraid to get dirty. 
  • Listening and taking input from the team, most of them have much more experience in the beauty industry than we do.
  • Leadership & mentorship.
Soldier shaking hands
Supercuts franchise owners are proud of the special bond they share with the service members in their community.

As business owners, how do you support the military community?

One of the main ways we give back is by being very military friendly, not just with the Soldier, but with the family as well. When we have a military family come in the shop and they are new to the area I'm able to provide information not just about the local community but about the military installation. It provides a sense of comfort that they have found a good spot to be. We also support & donate to the Fort Jackson's "Victory Spouses Club". They provide support to military families and annually give scholarships for aspiring college students. We also donate to the American Legion Post 174 in Irmo, SC. They help veterans who are on hard times, visit the VA hospital to provide books, snacks and hygiene items for the patients and assist veterans in obtaining essential services and benefits.


Can you tell us more about SFC Reiss from the video?

SFC Reiss is a customer at the Killian shop and he is active duty. He is actually a Drill Sergeant Instructor at the Drill Sergeant Academy on Fort Jackson. He teaches/trains selected Soldiers to become Drill Sergeants. Our connection with Reiss is between all three of us serving and with Annette being a former Drill Sergeant during her career.


What is a message you’d like to share with fellow veterans?

Veterans have many outstanding qualities that can enhance a company or organization, they bring teamwork, dependability, diversity, leadership, and the willingness to sacrifice for others.


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