Supercuts Featured Stylist - Q&A with Monique

There are many reasons for joining Supercuts salon family, from the extensive training available to the positive, supportive teammates, to the chance to grow and advance your career. But don't just take our word for it: Meet Monique, who arrived at a salon with a dream and a passion, and turned her skills and hard work into a successful career.    
Q & A with Monique, Salon Manager

How long have you been with Supercuts?

I’ve been working as a stylist at Supercuts since October of 2013 and as the shop manager since September of last year.


Why did you decide to work for Supercuts? What makes it unique?

I decided to come to Supercuts so I could work on my own customers. Previously I was a salon apprentice working for minimum wage and basically being a glorified receptionist. Coming to Supercuts I got to work with real customers from day one! Receiving one-on-one training through HSA [a Supercuts-exclusive training program] and help from my awesome boss and coworkers. I really learned to be comfortable with all types of haircuts.

Supercuts stylist Monique
Supercuts stylist Monique
Imagery by Farhan Abdulla

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice I ever received was when tackling something challenging to take things one step at a time. Over the years this has come in handy when it comes to difficult haircuts/colors, busy days where the to-do list is never-ending, and overwhelming large projects.


What do you love most about Supercuts’ customers?

What I love most about Supercuts customers are my group of regulars who I see frequently. We have really gotten to know each other, especially those that have been around these past six years and seen me grow into the stylist I am today. Cutting their hair isn’t even work; it’s like catching up with a friend.


What makes you #SuperIntoHair?

What makes me #superintohair is seeing exactly how a new cut, style, or color can completely change someone. When they leave looking their best and confident in how they look, that’s the best experience.



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