Getting Answers for Your Straight Hair Struggles


If you have straight hair, you know that it has troublesome tendencies that can include oily roots, flatness, and more. Get answers to frequently asked questions about straight hair.


Q: How do I stop my naturally straight hair from getting oily so fast?

A: Wash your hair using a mild shampoo like Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Shampoo. Be sure to avoid shampoos that contain ingredients like sulfate and alcohol because they can be especially damaging to straight hair.


Q: Why does my hair get bad snarls and knots?

A: Frequent and bad snarling is a sign of hair being due for a trim—when was your last haircut? If snarls and knots are a routine problem, spray on a smoothing product like Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum onto damp hair, then comb through gently using a wide-tooth comb or a Wet Brush.

Q: My hair is limp, flat and lifeless, how do I get volume and body?

A: Talk with your stylist about a new haircut that complements your straight hair and face shape. Try a volumizing mousse like DESIGNLINE Root Boost Volumizing Foam and then blow dry your while brushing upward. After it’s dry, arrange it in place with your fingers.


Ask your stylist for advice specific to your straight hair problems. Having worked with your hair and being familiar with it, your stylist will be able to suggest solutions that will be right for you.

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