Work-Appropriate Hairstyles for Guys

Your hairstyle says a lot about you. And like it or not, your profession often influences how you wear your hair. It’s time to see if your ‘do and styling products deserve a promotion — or a pink slip.

The Corporate Guy
It’s likely you spend the day trying to impress your boss and clients—but a great suit means nothing unless you’ve got the hair to match. Keep your close-cropped style looking clean and professional with Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream.

The Sportsman
As a sports guy, you want a style that won’t hinder your movement come game time. Redken Mess Around has an extra bit of hold to tame any style or cut, whether it’s long and rugged, buzzed short or somewhere in between.
Gray-haired guy with a sportcoat
The Tech Man
You may have broken free from the strict confines of a corporate-looking cut but that doesn’t mean a mohawk is fair game. Make sure your hair is cleaned up and presentable for your next meeting with American Crew Forming Cream.

The Creative Guru
Luckily for you, pretty much anything goes for creative-types — short, medium or long. A little bit of American Crew Light Hold Texture Lotion is all you need on dry hair to define your style.

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