What’s the Right Hairstyle for Your Face Shape?

No matter how great your haircut is, it may look a bit off for you if it doesn’t compliment your face shape. But there are perfect haircuts for every face shape. Let’s find out what works for you:

Identifying your face shape
The first step is to identify your shape. Pull you hair back in a ponytail, and identify the shape your face most closely resembles. Is it round, diamond, square, heart, or oval? Once you’ve identified it, then choose the right haircut for you.

For a round face shape, you want to put the least amount of volume as possible on the sides of your face. Think about a simple mid-length Bob. If you're choosing to have bangs, go with wispy. Avoiding straight-across bangs is a must.
brunette bob haircut
Volume lends a feminine softness to a square-shaped face.
Blond bob haircut
A chin-length Bob works wonders for a diamond-shaped face.
For square, choose cuts that create volume at the crown area. If you're choosing long layers, have the layer start at your jawline area. If you're wanting to add bangs, choose soft, wispy bangs, and – like with round faces – avoid straight-across bangs.

For heart shape, creating volume at the crown area is important. Maybe try a short pixie cut – but make sure to avoid creating volume on the sides. For chin-length or longer haircuts, think choppy layers for more volume and movement, but make sure they start below the round part of your head. If you want to add bangs, choose full front bang, maybe texturized to help minimize a broad forehead. Side-swept bangs are also a great choice. Style with the side part. This will help soften your face shape.

For oval, you’ll want to minimize the verticality of your shape, so don't add hair height to the top of your head. Going with a cut with soft layers on the sides of your head will create fullness and balance. When choosing a bang, go with a long, side-swept bang to create softness. Avoid stick straight bangs, this will flatten and further elongate your face shape.

For diamond, choose haircuts that are blunt shoulder length. Try softening your look by adding layers that frame toward your face. Avoid haircuts that create volume at the top, as well as on the sides or near your cheek area. For bangs, go with a soft wispy look.

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Style Tip
Thinking about a new hairstyle? Go for it! If you don’t like it, it will always grow back. Look at photos for inspiration and talk to your stylist about cuts that will work with your face shape and hair type.
Style Tip


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