What's the deal with gray blending?

You probably knew this day was coming, but now that the gray is here, how are you feeling about it? A little gray may help you look “distinguished,” but a lot of gray may have you feeling older than you’d like to. One way to stay looking younger is by blending the gray. Supercuts offers two quick gray blending color services:


Partial coverage

This color treatment takes only 10 minutes or so, but with it, you may just feel 10 years younger. It camouflages the white hair with a washable dye, and leaves just a minimal appearance of gray. It’s great for men who are after a “salt-and-pepper” look, but want to exude a more youthful energy. Plus, it washes out uniformly, so you won’t have to worry about roots or lines.


Complete coverage

The second option takes about 20 minutes and will completely cover the gray away. This is an especially popular choice for guys who gray prematurely. And like with the partial coverage, the color fades gradually and uniformly. Just come in to have it re-done when the gray is starting to come back through.

Supercuts model gray blending
a gray blending service
Supercuts model after gray blending
a gray blending service
Both of these affordable services are quick and easy, and can even take place during your lunch hour. Your Supercuts stylist will match the color to your natural hair, and it can be as subtle as you like. So see what you’ve been missing; there’s no time like the present to give gray blending a try.

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