Wet-Look Hair and Firm Hold Gel

The wet-hair look is an “it” style right now for both men and women. And it’s easy to do with the right product.

The main ingredient you need is gel — it’s versatile and will definitely lock your style in place all day. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Firm Hold Gel provides the maximum control you're looking for. It can also help hair look thicker and, unlike some non-professional products, is flake-free.

Getting the wet-look style is a snap. For women, start by prepping dry hair with detangling spray. Then place a dime-size amount of gel in your palm, rub your hands together, and then work the gel through your hair from root to tip. Use a fine-tooth comb to help distribute the gel evenly. To create a retro look, make a side part and work your hair up and back as the gel sets.

Men can create a few different looks with gel, too. Simply place a small amount of gel in your palms, and evenly spread it through damp or dry hair. Then form, define, and style as desired, creating whatever look suits your mood that day.

If you want to try a more ‘50s vintage style, make a deep side part with a comb, then, still using the comb as a guide, work the product through your hair. You’ll have that Madison Avenue, ready -to-take-on-the-world look in no time.

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