Versatile Performer: Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Styling Gel

Whether you’re starting with just-out-of-the-shower hair in the morning or are looking to refresh your style before going out after work, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Styling Gel can help you achieve the look you’re going for.


The versatile formula can be applied to wet or dry hair, with a flexible hold that allows you to rework any style. The result? You'll lock in your style with shine, body, and manageability.


You'll get loads of shine and shape definition, thanks to the gel's styling and conditioning ingredients, while its namesake tea tree oil—along with peppermint and lavender—invigorate your senses. You’ll look good AND feel good.


As far as how to use Tea Tree Styling Gel: To build body throughout your hair, apply it close to the scalp prior to styling. To maximize shine and produce more of a wet look, use on towel-dried hair. It's easy; just distribute evenly and allow to dry naturally.

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