Trouble with Your Curls? Try Twirl Around

As the temperatures heat up, the struggle to keep curly hair under control can become a daily battle. When you have curly hair, you want your curls to be defined but not crunchy, free-spirited but not frizzy. And that can be a tall order. Often, fixing one problem will just create another. Enter: Paul Mitchell Twirl Around Curl Definer.


Twirl Around defines, separates, and tames unruly curls without frizz or crunchiness. A dual formula that swirls together hydrating cream and smoothing gel, it helps curls retain their shape and bounce all day long. So, you get the hold and definition you need without the negative side-effects.


To use, simply emulsify in hands and work through hair to form sculpted ringlets. Scrunch to exaggerate curls or waves. Air dry or diffuse to finish your look.

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Keeping your hair healthy and trimmed is a big part of a put-together look. Plan on getting trims every 2-3 weeks, you can push it out a bit more if you have a longer style.
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