Triple Play: Three Summer Styles for Men

Gentlemen, knowing the right hair style for you isn’t always easy. It may be tempting to stick with what you know; however, if you’re one to plop down with your stylist and order “the usual,” chances are you’re missing the mark on this whole “style” thing. No worries, though—we’re here to help. To get you up to speed and maximize your hair game, follow this simple guide.


First things first: find a cut for your face shape. Trust us, it’s important.


Round face? Opt for longer locks. Style with ample volume up top—it’ll lengthen your features and define your jawline.

Square jaw? Avoid solid lines—don’t over-sharpen your features. Short, cropped, and buzz cuts will work best for you.

Oblong shape?  A longer face has room to play, but your best bet is to keep it short. Go for something like a spiky, side-swept, or brushed-up crew cut.

Oval face? You’ve got a versatile shape—lucky guy. Feel free to switch it up often. Experiment. Mid-fade pompadours, edgy undercuts, and tapered fades with well-groomed quiffs could take your style game up a notch.

Diamond profile?  A slicked-back pompadour, high fade with fringe, or super-textured crop will work in your favor.


From clean and professional to disheveled and edgy, here are the three summer styles to try.

male hair model with longer hair
Getting the right cut for your face shape is one of the keys to a perfectly personalized hairstyle. 
Mitch Refmormer
Go for that deceptively polished "messy" look with the help of a texturizer like MITCH Reformer. 

Crop and Buzz

A maximum-impact style with minimum fuss, nothing says “simple” like the bare-it-all buzz. Slews of A-list celebs have been seen sporting the look lately. This bold cut’s sharp lines will clean up any outfit, and the no-fuss length makes it one of the easiest to style. Simply apply a small amount of MITCH Barber's Classic Pomade for healthy moisture and extra shine.


Short and Spiky  

If you want style with attitude, a short, spiky crop is the way to go. Liven the look with layers all throughout the cut, or ask your stylist to personalize it with point-cutting, channel-cutting, and razor designs. If a lived-in look is what you’re after, try tossing your hair to the side. This is the ideal cut for quick-and-easy styling without the need for a blow dryer, so try towel drying for a disheveled feel. If you spring for the design, try Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Grooming Pomade for maximum control, then follow up with MITCH Reformer for a deceptively polished “messy” look with a modern finish.


Longer and Luxe

Good news for you guys who like the longer-locked looks, they’re back in style. For best results, work with a styling gel like American Crew Light Hold Styling Gel and blow dry with a paddle brush for thick, silky waves. If the weather gets extra steamy, toss it up in a quick pony or haphazard bun for a casual top-knot look, then quickly spritz with Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lemon Sage Thickening Spray for great-smelling volumizing and powerful UV protection.


Next time you stop in, think about springing for something new. Ask your Supercuts stylist to analyze your face shape. They’ll be happy to help you comb through options to find a modern look that works for you.

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