Top Men's Product Picks

Men's haircuts are forever changing both in their popularity and the subtleties of how they are styled—long hair, short hair, clipper cuts, undercuts, fades, pompadours…the list goes on.


When it comes to choosing a style, most men want a haircut that is easy to work with but also gives a desired look. Well, with the right selection of products, it can happen. Here are some of our top stylist picks:

1. Redken Mess Around

Redken Mess Around

Featuring a flexible and touchable feel, this medium-control paste is a perfect pick for many hair types and styles. It's ideal for creating separation and body with a natural shine finish.


2. Joico Ice Spiker

Joico Ice Spiker
This product pairs firm-hold styling with added vitamins and more to protect your hair while maintaining your look. It gives hair defined texture and a firm grip. Use it to create pretty much any shape, but as you might guess from the name, it's the choice for a spiky, separated style.

3. American Crew Fiber

American Crew Fiber
Looking to thicken, texturize, and increase the look of hair fullness? Fiber is for you. It provides a strong, pliable hold with a subtle, matte finish and works well in shorter hair (1-3 inches in length).

4. American Crew Forming Cream

American Crew Forming Cream
If you're new to styling products, this one is for you. Ideal for all hair types, this fairly light, easy-to-use styling cream provides hold and movability, plus a bit of natural shine, all without weighing down your hair. 

5. American Crew Defining Paste

American Crew Defining Paste
The beeswax in this product provides a natural, pliable hold for various lengths. It’s similar to Fiber in texture and effects, but is a bit easier to distribute through hair. It's also a good choice for hair that’s beyond 2'' in length.

When in doubt, Ask the pros.

If you’re ever wondering about how much of a product to use, how to apply it, or how often to use it, ask your Supercuts stylist. They’re always happy to guide you along the way!

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