Top 5 Easy, On-the-Go Hairstyles for Women

If you’re looking for a wash-and-wear hairstyle, talk to your Supercuts stylist. They can help you find the right look for you and your hair type. And with a few styling tricks and products, you’ll be out the door looking put together in no time.  Here are some styles that may work for you:

Short Pixie

The Look: This timeless cut works well for pretty much any texture of hair and density. It’s a wash-and-wear look for most, and for others a little blow drying with just your fingers will do it. Ask your stylist what they think will work best for you.

The Styling: Paul Mitchell's Quick Slip or Fast Form Styling Cream will keep the short pixie looking good all day.

short brunette hair

Classic Bob or Current Lob

The Look: This is a classic style that’s always in fashion. The classic bob, or current “lob” (long bob), is best for fine-to-medium hair, and it also looks great for straight wavy or curly hair.

The Styling: For an easy-to-style look for straight hair, use a medium round brush and a little Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam for volume. You’ll be out the door in a jiffy.

For wavy or curly hair, add a little Paul Mitchell Twirl Around or Ultimate Wave to damp hair and hit the road, no heat necessary. It’ll just dry into beautiful, soft waves.

Long Layers

The Look: When you think of longer hair, you might think: Too. Much. Work. But this might actually be the perfect cut for when you don't have a lot of time. The length gives you some styling options, and there’s always the option of a casual, but still stylish, ponytail.

The Styling: Create a versatile ponytail in minutes is easy–and perfect for both day and night. Add a little volume by back-combing at the crown, then spritz with Paul Mitchell Worked Up Hairspray for flexible hold.


The Look: Braids are traditional, but they happen to be very trendy at the moment, too. This styling technique works well for long layers and for medium-to-long one-length hair.

The Styling: Adding a little Paul Mitchell Super Sculpt to slightly damp hair to help a traditional braid stay looking stylish and put together longer.

Braid to Beachy Waves

The Look: This one’s not a cut; it’s a time-saving styling technique. Simply braid your hair at night when it’s damp and wake up to beautiful, beachy waves when you take out the braid. Simple as that.

The Styling: Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Sculpting Foam not only has long-lasting memory, but also offers flexible hold and texture. Put some in your hair before braiding it to get the next morning’s waves off to a good start.

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