Today's Highlights: Cool Hair Color Ideas for Fall

It’s as much a part of autumn as falling leaves and pumpkin-spiced coffee: the desire to change up your hair color for fall. And this year, we’re shining a light on three popular color trends, from some simple highlights to two more intense, multidimensional color looks we think you’ll love. So before you head out to the pumpkin patch or apple orchard to take some pics in front of that perfect fall backdrop, read up on these cool color trends.

Face-Framing Highlights
Why they work: These curtainlike highlights are the perfect way to add dimension without too much drama—this subtle change will brighten your features while still looking natural.
Color consultation conversation starters: Ask for a delicate paint on your face-framing strands, just a few shades lighter than your hair’s natural highlights. This puts the spotlight on your features and blends your summer color and highlights in an attention-grabbing yet natural-looking way.

Pumpkin-Coffee Créme
Why it works: This inspired look blends vanillas and coppers on a warm coffee base to create a creamy, dipped look. Seamlessly blending for an almost-ombre effect — just better. This expert meld of different tones creates a super-dimensional effect that’s sure to turn heads and ensure gorgeous grow-out.
Color consultation conversation starters: Ask your stylist if applying a warm vanilla or coffee tone to the base of your hair before delicately painting copper and cream tones on top for a subtle melted balayage would work for you.
blonde hair model with highlights

Mixing in some highlights with your summer blonde is one way to help your hair look fresh for fall.


Mushroom Blonde

Why it works: A shade that’s winning the race in this season’s trends, this cool, in-between color makes the perfect look for transitioning shades. Here’s a chance to go from brunette to blonde and back again without skipping a beat with something ashy, multidimensional, and cool. If you’re a brunette looking to go lighter, or a blonde who’s always been curious about trying something darker, but may be afraid of committing to full-on brunette locks, mushroom blonde is the shade for you.

Color consultation conversation starters: Ask your stylist for an ashy, dark blonde ombre with ultracool highlights and lowlights. Bringing in a picture or two never hurt.


Pro tip: To keep your hue cool and fend off brassy overtones, be sure to leave the salon with one of our professional purple shampoo and conditioners. They'll help keep your new color looking "just-left-the-salon" fresh longer.


Love these autumn looks? Fall for a new color with a professional service from Supercuts—we’ve got everything you need to get the look and keep it shining through the season.

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