Tin is In: Highlighting with Foils

blonde highlights
Highlighting with foils allows the stylist flexibility when it comes to color placement. 
Thinking about foils, but not exactly sure what they are? Foils refers to a method for applying highlights to hair. Stylists use foils to separate highlights, color, or multiple colors that are put in the hair. Using foils for highlight instead of a cap allows the stylist to have more options with placement and create a variety of looks.

Not sure how many foils are needed? When highlighting the bang area, also known as a front accent, 5-6 foils are typical, on the top only, 10-12 foils, top and sides, 18-20, and a full head of foils can be from 16-22 foils.

When you go to Supercuts, ask for a consultation with a stylist about the look you want. Your stylist will give you suggestions on how many foils you will need to achieve your desired result. If you have a picture of a celebrity or model with highlights you like, definitely bring it with you. Visuals are always helpful.

And don't forget, you can help your new highlights last longer by using products made for color-treated hair, like Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner.

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