The Three Beard Rules You Shouldn’t Break


Beards are still going strong as a go-to look for guys everywhere, and we’ve got the lowdown on how to rock your own without looking like you just walked out of the woods (unless that’s the look you’re going for).


Whether it’s a beard, a moustache or even a carefully cultivated five-o’clock shadow, the benefits of facial hair are many: Strategically placed scruff can lend maturity to a baby face, camouflage imperfections, add a distinguished, refined polish to your overall look and—perhaps best of all—reduce prep time in the morning, eliminating the need to stand in front of the bathroom mirror, sticking pieces of tissue on razor nicks.


Once you make the commitment, though, be mindful of three basic guidelines:

Man with closely trimmed beard
Test drive having a beard: Give the five-o'clock-shadow look a try.

Choose a style that flatters your face

Just as you would with your hairstyle, make sure that whatever style of scruff you decide to grow flatters the shape of your face. A good beard will give your face more definition and a stronger jawline. Pay attention to guys who you think look cool with beards. Their beards are probably complementary to their face shapes.


Maintain it

Facial hair, like all other hair, grows about half an inch a month. Want a robust beard? Clip once a week. Want stylish stubble? Expect to trim every other day.


Keep it in balance

Having facial hair means you’ll have to pay more attention to your haircut, too. Keeping it polished will balance out the rakishness of facial scruff. Ask your stylist for product recommendations to use at home—for both your hair and your beard.


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