The Do’s and Don’ts for Thicker-Looking Hair

Crave thick, healthy looking hair? There are a few tips to consider if you have fine or thin hair:

Avoid oil-based products
Products that contain silicone and oils can add shine but weigh down thin hair, which can make it look even thinner.

Go easy on heat styling
Excessive pulling and tugging on your hair when you’re drying it can have the opposite effect you want. Be gentle—and if you’re using a round brush, be careful about holding your blow dryer too close to your hair and over-drying it. Dry hair looks weak and brittle. Remember, when you have some moisture in your hair, it looks fuller.


Get the right haircut
Certain haircuts, such as layers, can make your hair look thicker. Medium to short haircuts are ideal for fine hair. The longer your hair, the more it weighs itself down, which can make thin hair look stringy.

Thicker hair
Use the right products
Products that improve the condition of your hair, instead of just sitting on top of it, are best. Extra Body Thicken Up Styling Liquid by Paul Mitchell makes thin strands look and feel thicker without a heavy product feel. It also adds shine, definition and soft hold. UV protection helps defend fine hair from the damaging effects of the sun.

Ask your stylist
Supercuts offers a wide selection of professional styling and finishing products to address every hair care need. Before your next visit, browse our selection online to get an idea of which one is right for you.

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