The Best in Spring Color

When spring rolls around, it’s nice to freshen your look with something new. Aside from a haircut, we love to update our color for a fun, easy change.


Red and Sombre

This spring, two major color trends are shades of red and sombre coloring. Sombre is a color treatment similar to ombre—where the color moves from darker to lighter as you move from roots to ends—but in a more subtle graduation. For those that feel ombre is too bold or extreme, sombre takes the general idea but tones it down.


We love the idea of giving sombre a try, with a red base, tying in this season’s two biggest trends. Your base red can range from strawberry champagne to deep auburn or copper—there are so many variations that you can certainly find a shade that will compliment your skin tone and style. Just ask your stylist for advice if you aren’t sure which base color to choose. Then, your stylist can simply lighten as you move down your hair.

Supercuts blonde hair model
Highlights are a fun, but still subtle, change for spring.


Not ready to try a trend, but still want a subtle change for spring? Adding a few highlights to accent your new Supercut is just the thing. 10-12 foils on top is all that’s needed to brighten up a bob or lob—both perfect looks for spring. If you have longer hair, 22 foils will do the trick.


Color for Men

And, for our male guest, don't forget to ask your Supercuts stylist to brighten up your fresh cut with just a few hand-painted pieces of lightener! Gray blending is another option, if you want to get rid of some grays without getting an all-over color, for a more natural look—it’s our number one color service for men.


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Style Tip
If you’re after a specific color, cut, or style, bring a photo with you to show your stylist to use as inspiration.
Style Tip
Keeping your hue true


Check in to your favorite salon and get your name on the list. Plus, select your stylist and service choices.