Summer Style: The Undercut

With shaved sides and an elongated top, the undercut is one of summer’s coolest hairstyles—and with good reason. Reminiscent of 40s wiseguys or 80s rock stars, depending on how extreme you cut it, and with modern nods from the likes of Macklemore and David Beckham, this style manages to be both edgy and pulled together.

The best part? It’s easy to style, and there are so many ways to make it work for you, whatever your hair type. Check out these options:
shaved sides haircut
Thick Hair
If you have thick, luscious locks, that’s something worth celebrating, so don’t go and chop it all off. Make a statement with a close shave on the sides, keeping it long on top. If you have straight hair, slick it back for a retro look, using Redken for Men Stand Tough Firm Hold Gel.  For those with wavy hair, throw in some pomade, like American Crew Pomade, for hold, and leave it tousled for the ultimate low-maintenance-but-pulled-together look.

Thin Hair
If you have thin or fine hair, steer away from the longer styles, which could make your hair look stringy or spare. Instead, keep the look a bit more balanced. Don’t shave the sides quite so close, and keep the top a little shorter. Just add some styling gel, like American Crew Light Hold Gel, for texture and hold. This is also a good look for men who are in the business world but still like to keep on-trend. It’s understated but still way cool.

Textured Hair
If you have textured hair, consider a bolder look, with some 90s-inspired racing stripes cut into the sides, or give a nod to the 50s with a deep-cut side part. With this look, you have optimal versatility. You can rock a long, shaped top with close-cropped sides for a statement look, or keep it all short with a buzz, simply cutting the sides ever-so-slightly shorter for a subtle fade.

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