Stealing Time: Wash-and-Go Summer Styling Tips and Tricks

Maybe it’s just us, but summertime never seems to last long enough—it’s one of those blink-and-you-miss-it seasons that comes and goes before you can say “farmer’s tan.” With that limited time, you’re going to want to take advantage of every minute of sunshine—and we're here to help. Check out these time-saving tips for wash-and-go summer styling.


Lived-in waves: 100% air-dried, 0% frizz

Get flawless flow on the go with Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger HydroCream Whip. Start by working a palmful of product through damp strands and finish with a quick tousle. To crank up the volume, guys can tip forward and give their hair a good shake, while women should wind strands in a big, loose-set braid for optimal waves. Pro tip for the ladies: While your hair is still drying, twist your braid into a casual bun and clip a few inches below the crown. This will lift the hair up and give it even more body once dried and ready for release.


Keep even those thin-and-straight strands curled

Newsflash: Damp summer air isn’t the best thing for creating curls; hot curling tools aren’t ideal in the heat either. The good news? Cute ringlets and waves can still stay set without curling irons. The secret: Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray. Simply mist a light layer on top of HydroCream Whip and follow the same steps listed above—it'll especially help your curls stay coily. Oh, and a bonus perk? The spray smells amazing.

blonde hair model with highlights

Simple summer waves are a perfect wash-and-go style.


Soft waves and rolling curls

We’ll let you in on a little salon secret: Soft curls start with proper hydration. Want to maximize your moisture without weighing down summer curls? Redken Curvaceous Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner can help set the stage for an effortless-looking finish. Want to amplify definition and control? Apply Redken Curvaceous Full Swirl Serum to your ends and massage up to your roots in a soft, twirling motion. And for even more definition, give your hair a tight scrunch, or twist one-inch sections into a bun before pinning to dry overnight. The next morning? Soft and defined curls that stay that way.


Guys: Maintaining your summer flow starts right after the shower

This bit of hair know-how can make or break your summer look: Hair management starts with a proper drying. Wet hair is much more susceptible to damage from rough towel drying. Keep your style looking less ‘rough’ and more ‘rugged’ with a bit of gentle care. To properly towel dry, shake excess water from your hair and gently stroke with a comb in the direction your hair grows, rather than aggressively rubbing with a towel. This simple step can eliminate frizz and prevent strands from stretching and breaking—AKA: hair damage. For best results, spritz with a leave-in product, like Seb Man The Cooler Leave-in Tonic, and smooth over with a wide-tooth brush or comb for faster styling and a smoother finish.


Keep it fresh

We’re confident these products and tricks can shave down minutes and manage your style; however, the real key to ready-to-go summer flow boils down to the cut. To save extra time and keep your hair looking its best, stop by the salon every 3-4 weeks for a trim. Trust us, there’s no better way to stay looking fresh. To get trimmed in a flash, check in with our mobile app to cut down your wait time. Not in a rush and want to give your hair and scalp a summer reboot? Treat yourself to a Tea Tree Experience. This simple, refreshing, scalp-tingling service will have you ready for whatever these hotter days throw at you. Now's the perfect time to steal a few extra minutes of summer fun. Get started with a quick visit to Supercuts.

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