Special Event Hairstyle Help

The arrival of the holiday season, the new year, and even Valentine's Day can bring with it pressure to break out of your daily hair and clothing routine, and get dressed up. If you feel like your regular hair style doesn’t feel festive enough, but you’re not sure what to do, check in at your favorite Supercuts and have one of the skilled stylists create a party-perfect look for you. Just like that, you'll look ready to celebrate.


Pick your party look

The best way to find a style you love: Grab a magazine, scroll through Pinterest, or search on Instagram. When you find a look you like, just clip, pin, save or download it, and bring the image to your Supercuts stylist to have it brought to life. If you need some ideas about what styles will work best for your hair length, here are some options to consider:

Length: Long

One of the benefits of long hair is all the different updos that are possible with it—without looking like you’re going to prom. Today’s updos can be playful like boxer braids or elegant like a French twist. The French braid is a classic, while milkmaid braids are soft and sweet. For very long hair, the infinity bun is a head-turning style.


Length: Medium

When your hair length is somewhere between your jaw and shoulders, you can’t go wrong with a bun, braid or ponytail. Braid one side and leave the other down. Have it pulled up into a perfect ballerina bun, or a messy playful one with lots of texture. Or opt for a sleek ponytail wrapped with a ribbon.


Length: Short

Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean it can’t be specially styled for an event. A pretty twist, some curl, or simply extra shine can amp up your look for a holiday party. Another easy way to dress up your locks: accessories. Whether an on-trend floral garland, a sparkly headband, or gem stone barrette, it’s a simple way to polish your look.


Bring inspiration

Remember to have a photo or two on hand of the style that you have in mind. Then talk with your Supercuts stylist about the elements you like and point out any details you dislike. This is the most effective way to communicate with your stylist so you get the style you want. When you’re ready to get your hair done up, just check in online to pick your arrival time and stylist.

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