Should you go for layers or keep your hair one length?

If you’re looking to add fullness to fine hair or remove weight from thick hair, layers are a good option. You may have to spend a little more time styling a haircut with layers, so if you’re a wash-and-go person, layers may not be for you. How layers will look depends on if your hair is straight, wavy or curly and if it’s fine, medium or thick.


Fine Hair

The best length for fine hair is a one-length bob above the shoulders or shorter. Fine hair can only support a few layers or light layering. With medium thickness hair, the longer it is, the less likely it is to hold a shape. So the shorter you go, the more distinct your shape. Layers cut into the rounds of your head will create more volume at the top. Layers below the occipital below the shoulder will create a softer look and more movement on the ends.

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Thick Hair

Thick hair looks best above the shoulders with layers added for movement. For a more subtle layered cut, your stylist can create a graduated or stacked look with layers on the sides to remove weight. One-length bobs also look good on thicker hair.


Straight Hair

In addition to hair thickness, texture impacts how layers will look. Straight hair is versatile and layers can add lift and movement. Layering on shorter straight hair will require styling with either a flat iron, curling iron or blow dryer with a round brush. 


Wavy Hair

The beauty of having wavy hair is that it can pretty much be worn in any style. Mid-lengths and longer looks come to life with waves and shorter lengths take on the classic or vintage ‘40s appeal.


Curly Hair

If you have tight curls, a cut can help you control them. The length of your layers will depend on where your hair is the thickest and how tight or loose the curl is to prevent a triangle shape. Super curly hair can be cut into strong exterior shapes, such as a modern Afro.


Remember, if your hair is fine, medium or thick, straight, wavy, or curly using products in your hair will enhance your haircut whether it's one length or layered. Ask your Supercuts stylist for suggestions about whether layers are right for you.

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