Swing Into Spring: Short Hairstyle Ideas for Women

Spring is here, and the steamy summer months are close behind. If you’ve been itching to snip off your locks, the time is now. But before you dive into a whole new short-hair look, check out these three style ideas—ranked from safest to most daring—to see if one is right for you.

Going with a bob
Risk level: Safe
Why it works: This timeless cut is back in a big way this season with a few high-fashion twists. Sleek, blunt, and polished or lived-in and layered, the bob can be worn in a few different ways. Work with your stylist to find which variation will work best for you.
Who should try it: Pretty much anyone. It’s the safest option on our shortlist. As far as face shapes go, the bob is a cut that looks good on a wide range of people, but especially those with heart-shaped jawlines. Work with your stylist to play with the texture and length. The right style can enhance your overall look, but again, with a bob, it’s hard to go wrong.

Picking the pixie
Risk level: On the edge
Why it works: We’ve seen the magazines; pixie cuts are definitely back in style. Whether it has long, wispy layers or sharp, intricate details, there seems to be a pixie for everyone out there, but the one to watch this year features clipped cuts through the back and sides. The red-carpet looks are inspired by tomboy fades—textured layers on top and tapered sides toward the bottom—but the length can be altered to your specifications.
Who should try it: If you’re ready for a bold, vogue look that’s easy to style, a pixie is worth looking into. Trendsetters and fashion trailblazers can rock this pixie with ease—especially those with highly defined cheekbones. Most pixies look best on diamond, heart, and oval face shapes, but with some slight alterations, round and square faces can rock this look, too. Ask your stylist to analyze your features. Together, you can customize the style and create a pixie that works for you.
brunette hair model with a bob

A bob you make all your ownlike this one with eye-catching highlightsis anything but basic.

Rocking the undercut
Risk level: Daring
Why it works: For men and women alike, the undercut has recently made a big mark on fashion, and with an ever-growing fan following, it seems this trend is here to stay. Though considered an ultra-modern cut today, the undercut draws inspiration from the past. We’re seeing mushroom-shaped and step-inspired variations of the style, featuring dramatic contrasts in shapes, angles and lengths.
Who should try it: Though entirely customizable, this modern look is for the bold. No question: if you have this cut, you live in the now. Like, the right now. Our professional stylists can customize the look to flatter any face shape, though it tends to look best on those with sharp features. If you’re ready push your style forward, this is the short cut to try—with the right attitude, it’s sure to turn heads everywhere.

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