Let it Shine: Fight Lackluster Hair with These Product Picks

Hair looking dull? We’ve handpicked our favorite products for bringing back the shine.  


Clarifying Shampoo

Product build-up makes hair dull. Wash your hair once a week with a shampoo formulated to remove dulling resins and waxes without stripping your hair of its natural sheen. Try Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three.  


Daily Conditioner

Add a daily dose of hydration without weighing your hair down. Paul Mitchell The Conditioner infuses hair with the right amount of moisture for sparkling shine.


Heat Protector

Before blow-drying your hair, comb a pea-sized dollop of heat-resistant cream through damp tresses to seal in shine and prevent thermal damage. Redken Outshine is a lightweight cream that's good for all hair types. It delivers control, shine, and sleek smoothness while repelling  humidity for all-day frizz control.


Split-End Sealer

Nothing dims the look of your hair like frizzy edges and split ends. On your next salon visit, pick up a bottle of Redken Extreme Length Sealer. It contains ingredients that temporarily fuse roughed-up ends together between trims.  


Shine Spray

On mornings when your hair won’t cooperate, a spritz of shine spray can revive dull locks. We like Redken Diamond Oil High Shine Mist.


Touch-Up On-the-Go

Need a mid-day gloss boost? Rub two drops of Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Oil Treatment, between your palms. Then lightly run hands over the surface of your hair to deposit sheen and keep flyaways at bay.


Nighttime Fix

Tossing and turning on a cotton pillow-case is hard on your hair. Eliminate “bedhead” before it starts by sleeping on a satin pillow case. This little trick will cut down on split ends too!

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