Say Goodbye to Flyaways and Winter Static


Dry winter hair is the perfect environment for static electricity—and pesky flyaways. Here are some stylist tips for keeping static at bay.


Prepare your hair

A deep conditioner adds moisture back into parched hair, weighing it down a bit and helping keep static away. Try Biolage Hydrasource Conditioning Balm.


Dry it right

Hot appliances can zap the moisture out of your hair. If you can’t let your hair air dry, choose an ionic model dryer such as the CHI Pro Hair Dryer. It’s designed to cut down on static.


brunette hair model
The right routine can save you from static this winter.

Brush smart

Natural bristle brushes, like the Paul Mitchell Ion Round Brush, conduct less electricity than brushes with plastic bristles.


Rein in rebellion

If your strands still won’t behave—or if your wool hat has wreaked havoc on your ’do, a spritz of spray, like Paul Mitchel Extra Body Daily Boost Hairspray, can control any wayward hairs.


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