What's on Tap? Redken Brews.
New Men's Styling and Grooming Products

From one of the originators and innovators in men’s hair products comes an old-school-meets-new-school grooming line: Redken Brews. This something-for-everyone line features ten different styling products, from a light-hold pomade to a firm-hold hairspray, plus specially formulated shampoos and shaving must-haves.


The Redken Brews products’ formulas are unique, with some boasting malt infusions—a nod to the seemingly unstoppable craft beer movement. And malt isn’t all that you’ll find in these hard-working shampoos and stylers. Some of the products feature brewer’s yeast, while others include orange zest, mint extract, or mineral salts.


And like craft beers, beards, scruff, and stubble continue to dominate everywhere from SoHo to Omaha. And Redken Brews has guys covered there, too. For non-shavers, there’s the beard-taming Beard and Skin Oil, while keep-it-smooth shavers will no doubt gravitate toward the Shave Cream and After Shave Balm.


It’s time to draft a new routine in men’s styling and grooming. Check out the “NYC crafted, barber inspired” Redken Brews at your local Supercuts today. Participating locations only.

Redken Brews
Give these "NYC crafted, barber inspired" products a try today.

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