Best Products to Use as Your Hair Grows Out

As your hair grows out from your most recent haircut, you’ll undoubtedly go through a transition period where your hair just doesn’t look right. Changing up your styling products may help you control those rogue sections and out-of-place hairs until you can make it in for a fresh cut.


A gel or frizz control product can help smooth and straighten wayward strands. Give something like Paul Mitchell Fast Form a try.


Curl definers, like Paul Mitchell Twirl Around, help maintain curl pattern and control frizz.

mans haircut

A pomade is great for taming an increasingly wild mane for guys, and for women, it'll help with flyaways and for smoothing over braids and ponytails. American Crew Pomade is a good choice.


If you’re not sure what product is right for you, ask your stylist for recommendations. And always keep in mind, the best bet is often just visiting your local Supercuts. They’ll have you back to looking like yourself in no time.

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