Myth or Reality? The Truth About Hats and Hair Loss

The burning question: Does wearing a hat cause hair loss and thinning?


Answer: No, that’s a myth! You can wear a hat all day long, every day, and it will not harm your scalp. You’ll likely have a killer case of hat hair, but it won’t make you bald anytime soon.


Thinning or loss of hair is often linked to hats because they’re an easy way to disguise balding and the change in hair density, but it’s not the cause.


Long-term change

If you’re dealing with thinning hair, ditch the hat and pick up a hair treatment system, like Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Scalp Care products or one of the maintenance kits from Nioxin. These multi-product systems are specially formulated to promote a healthy scalp and hair. They help hair appear and grow more densely, while slowing hair loss and noticeable thinning.  

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Daily styling

When choosing daily styling products, look for ones that promote bulk and volume. MITCH Reformer Texturizer is a super choice because it offers a strong hold with a matte finish, and its thickening ingredients help hair look full and healthy. For a more polished look, MITCH Steady Grip Gel is a popular option. Use it to create any shape or style, while making your hair look and feel thicker. The alcohol-free formula offers all-day hold that won’t dry or flake, and it leaves a natural looking shine.

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