Making the Transition Between Hair Colors

No matter if you’re going for something extreme or subtle, changing your hair color can be a confusing process. Here are some things to consider when you’re thinking about switching it up.

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Growing out highlights
If you want to grow out your highlights, our experts recommend having them glazed. This Supercuts service will reduce the contrast between your highlights and natural color, eliminating any tell-tale lines. Your stylist will re-energize your highlights with a new tone so they continue to grow out beautifully.
blonde hair
Products designed for color-treated hair will keep your new shade looking fresh.

Blending gray
Starting to notice some grays? It’s tempting to break out the tweezers and start plucking but resist the urge. When the new hairs grow in, they’ll be short and stick out. Plucking also can damage the follicle and cause hair to become thin down the road.

The best course of action to get some natural looking coverage is to try a gray blending. This color service camouflages the white hair with a washable dye, and leaves just a minimal appearance of gray. It’s great for men who are after a “salt-and-pepper” look, but want to exude a more youthful energy. Plus, it washes out uniformly, so you won’t have to worry about roots or lines.

Going back to blonde
So you went from blonde to red, brown, or even black. And now want to go back. Here are a few factors that will affect how difficult or easy the transition could be:

  • Was your hair professionally colored? At-home color is often pulled through the ends, which can lead to over-coloring, making darker shades harder to remove.

  • Is your hair long? Long hair tends to be more damaged than short hair, which can make bold color harder to remove.

  • What shade of blonde do you want? In general, a dark or warm blonde is easier to pull off, while a light or cool blonde is more difficult to achieve.

The color test
No matter the color direction you're heading, your stylist can do a strand test to identify which treatments will help you achieve your best shade. Just remember, it may take a few visits to get the color you want while keeping your hair in the best possible condition.

Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair Triple Rescue
Do you heat-style your color-treated hair? Help it stay looking healthy with a heat-protectant like Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair Triple Rescue.
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