Make It a Pool Day: 3 Tips for Removing Chlorine from Your Hair

One of the joys of summer is heading to the pool on a hot, sunny day. What’s not so great is the havoc chlorine can wreak on your hair. If you swim a lot, the harsh chemicals in the pool water can turn your hair green and dry it out. Straw-like, weak hair probably isn’t the end-of-summer look you want. Here are some tips for eliminating pool hair.


Wash your hair immediately after swimming

Don’t let chlorine sit on your hair. Shampooing your hair right after you swim will reduce damage to your hair.


Use a shampoo designed to remove chlorine

Shampoo Three by Paul Mitchell removes chlorine, iron, and minerals from hair, as well as strengthens strands and minimizes future build-up.


Condition, condition, condition

Always use a conditioner after shampooing for smoother, softer hair, especially if your hair is naturally curly or coarse. Paul Mitchell Full Circle Leave-In Treatment is a leave-in conditioner that partners well with Shampoo Three.


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