Are You Warm or Cool? Know Your Skin Tone, Find Your Flattering Shade

Choosing hair color can be a shot in the dark—the wrong shade can leave you looking washed out, but the right shade can brighten your face and take off years.

The key to choosing the right hair color, along with the help of an experienced colorist, is knowing your skin tone. A complementary shade will make your eyes shine and skin glow.

Determining whether your complexion is warm, cool or neutral clues you in to your most flattering hues. People with warm complexions—that’s about 75 percent of us—have skin with yellow, golden or olive undertones. Those with cool complexions, have pinkish or bluish undertones. Neutrals have both pinkish and yellowish undertones.

To figure out which one you have, we created some guidelines to help you. And of course, when you’re ready for your new color, head to your local Supercuts for a complimentary hair color consultation with one of our experts.
highlighted brunette hair
Products designed for color-treated hair will keep your new shade looking fresh.

Warm Tones

You’re probably warm if...

  • Your eyes are black, brown or hazel (though they may be other colors).
  • Your complexion, if light, has an ivory or yellowish cast. If dark, it has an olive cast.
  • In natural sunlight, the veins on the underside of your wrist appear greenish.
  • Yellow-gold jewelry looks better on you than silver, white-gold or platinum jewelry.
  • You look great in earth-toned clothes. Think rust, olive and teal.

If you’re warm toned and want to be a...

Blonde: Try buttery shades for a darker blonde, buttery golds for lighter shades. Avoid going too light—your hair could end up looking brassy.

Brunette: Opt for chestnut browns with plenty of rich gold or red highlights.

Redhead: You’ll shine in gingers and auburns.

Cool Tones

You’re probably cool if...

  • Your eyes are blue, green or gray.
  • Your skin, if light, has a pinkish cast. If dark, it has a bluish cast.
  • In natural light, the veins on the underside of your wrist appear bluish.
  • Silver, white-gold, and platinum jewelry looks better on you than yellow-gold jewelry.
  • You look great in jewel-colored clothes. Think ruby, emerald and amethyst.

If you’re cool toned and want to be a...

Blonde: Your best bet is an ash shade—a blonde that’s more beige than yellow. If your natural hair color is very light, you can go platinum.

Brunette: Cool brunettes are radiant in chocolate browns (browns that are neither yellow nor red) or near-blacks with blush undertones.

Redhead: Stick to burgundies and other shades with violet undertones, rather than copper ones.

Neutral Tones

If, after reading the above descriptions, you’re still not sure where you fall, you’re probably neutral—which means you’re one of those lucky people who looks gorgeous in both cool and warm colors. Take a look at both groups above, and enjoy your new hair color.

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