Keeping Your Hue True: Paul Mitchell Color Protect Daily Shampoo

So, you’ve committed to a vibrant shade for winter and are trying to keep it looking fresh. Or perhaps you’re already going lighter for spring. No matter what color you’ve chosen, the last thing you want it to do is fade.


That’s where Paul Mitchell Color Protect Daily Shampoo comes in. It cleanses color-treated hair while it moisturizes, strengthens, and boosts shine, helping to protect your color from fading.


Made with sunflower extract, which provides intense UV protection, it is also formulated to help color last longer by shielding it from the sun.


Whether your hair is short or long, you’ll love the moisture and vibrancy it gives your hair. Paraben and sulfate-free, this cleanser is gentle enough to use every day and won’t remove the natural oils and professional color from your hair. It pairs perfectly with Paul Mitchell Color Protect Daily Conditioner, for added moisture and shine.

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Style Tip
Shampoos formulated for specific hair types isn’t a marketing ploy. Different products contain ingredients that address individual hair concerns, like color treated, dryness, or excess oil.
Style Tip


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