Hit Refresh: Get Your Look Ready for Spring

Spring is the perfect time of year to give your look a reboot. And this year, there are a ton of cool looks that still fit into your daily life.


For guys, this spring is all about crisp, clean lines—like tight fades, squared necklines, cropped sides and hard parts. But you don’t want to go too angular. Keeping your hair longer on the top softens your look and allows versatility in styling. Think: slicked back with a hard part, or tousled and voluminous to create a pompadour.


Don’t have it long all-over, though. Rather, opt for the undercut look, as close-cropped sides will balance out the volume you have on top. But how close you cut it is up to you—some prefer the contrast of a close buzz with a long top, and others gravitate more toward the faded look, where the sides gradually get shorter but still blend with the top. Whatever you choose, it will offer the perfect refresh for the season.

Supercuts hair model with yellow shirt
Supercuts hair model with blonde hair

For women who want to lighten their look try something shorter this spring, go for an angular, textured pixie cut or bob. Undercut sides and a longer top will give an edgier look, while a little more length with an angled back and some layers cut in will offer a softer, more sophisticated vibe. You’ll love how easy these cuts are to maintain and style on a daily basis.


Long looks are also very in right now, and spring is a perfect season to embrace the natural texture of your hair. Give beachy waves a try if your hair has natural curl or texture, and if your hair is pin-straight, try a slicked back and sleek “wet” look. Both of these looks play up your natural texture, which means you’ll spend less time styling your hair and more time enjoying your day.


No matter what style you choose, you’ll be glad you chose Supercuts, especially after the Hot Towel Refresher®. Each haircut at Supercuts includes this complimentary service, where a warm towel cleans the itchy, stray hairs off your face and neck, leaving you feeling clean, sharp, and ready to get back to your day.


So, not sure what is the best look for you, but know you want something fresh and current? Talk to your Supercuts stylist and they’ll help you find the look that is right for you!

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