Getting Back to Looking Like You

Face it, you’ve been pretty busy lately. Work, school, kids, and everything else life throws your way. Sometimes fitting a haircut in seems like the last thing on the list. But Supercuts is here to help. If your look has gotten away from you, and you don’t feel quite like yourself, here are some tips for getting back to looking like you.


For men:

Gray blending is a subtle and quick way to shave off a few years. In just five to ten minutes, this color treatment will cover white hair with a washable dye, resulting in just a minimal appearance of gray—leaving you with that distinguished salt-and-pepper look. Plus, it washes out uniformly, so there’s no need to worry about roots or growth lines.


Another subtle change that can make a big difference in how you feel about your overall look is small changes in length. With your next haircut, consider leaving a bit more length or a little more of a sideburn. If you usually wear your hair long, maybe a shorter look around the sides and back would be the refresh you’re looking for.


And if you want to make more of an impact, how about changing up your facial hair to feel more like your best self? By either growing a beard or shaving off that mustache, you can change up your look to better reflect your personal style.

Supercuts hair model
Supercuts hair model with brunette hair

For women:

There are a lot of good options for women who are after a new, just-for-them look. Perhaps try a color service or some new highlights. It’s the perfect way to freshen up your hair. Even a subtle change in color or a few face-framing highlights will bring a new vibrancy to your overall style.


Maybe your hair is just in need of a trim. The longer you go between haircuts, the more your cut loses its shape. This doesn’t only affect its overall look, but also in its ease of styling. Stop in and get it trimmed. Your hair will be healthier for it, you’ll feel better about its look, and it’ll be easier to style.


And maybe there's a look you've had before, but have moved away from, like bangs. It might be time to try them again. Bangs can be used to play up your best facial features—whether with a straight-across blunt look, something side-swept, or striking pixie bangs.


Know you need something new but not sure what will make you feel most like you? Talk to your Supercuts stylist for expert advice on how to get back to looking like your best self.


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