Fresh Start: What You Want (and Need) in a New Hue

Face it, the first few months of the year are going to be busy. From googling Keto-friendly recipes to squeezing in sets at the gym over lunch, New Year’s resolutions can eat up hours and energy. With limited free time, getting a fresh cut-and-color may seem impractical or impossible; however, unlike most resolutions, these simple services can transform your look instantly. Want a quick and efficient way to shape up your style? Kick off the new year with a whole new hue.




You want: A 'natural'-yet-noticeable new look.

You need: A few highlighted strokes or strategically-placed foils to quickly transform dull-looking locks.

You should consider: Getting more 'wow' for less—simply lightening a few face-framing strands can be a cost-efficient way to brighten your overall look.


You want: To give your summer balayage a 2019 update.

You need: To add depth and movement to your mane. Ribbon highlights can give your hair some extra warmth for the chillier days.

You should consider: Asking your stylist for fresh, rich, dimensional color to help blend darker roots with bright, buttery highlights.

blonde hair model with a highlights
Want to turn heads? Try brightening and lightening your existing color.

You want: Fashion-forward fantasy hair color.

You need: To consider what hair colors will complement your skin tone (and wardrobe). Ask your stylist to take you through color swatches and help you choose your fantasy tone.

You should consider: Starting with just a 'pop' of color in a trendy color, like metallic gray or rose gold, before committing to an all-over wash.




You want: To elevate your overall look.

You need: To ask your stylist to strategically place a few highlights in a way that accents the shape of your haircut. This will give the illusion of fullness and texture in the hair.

You should consider: That color maintenance is equally important as the service itself. After getting new color, it is important to go home with a color hair system that's tailored to your hue. Ask your stylist which shampoo, conditioner, and styling products you need to help keep your new color looking its best.


The first few months of the year can be rough, but unlike (most) resolutions, getting a hair color you love doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Step into Supercuts for a fresh, new look, and step out in the new year looking instantly fresh.

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Check in to your favorite salon and get your name on the list. Plus, select your stylist and service choices.