Fresh Fades for Fall

Summer might be over, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the perfect time for a short, cool cut. How about switching up your style for something new—like a fresh, fall fade? This timeless technique has been used to taper men’s hair for years; however, these new fades are taking a new approach this upcoming season—adding dimension, detail, and a bit more style to keep you looking sharp. Here’s a quick breakdown of this fall’s hottest fades.


Burst Fade

Like its name suggests, this fade has burst in popularity over the last few years, making its way to the top of this season’s list. A trendy alternative to punk rock’s dated mohawk, the burst fade swaps skinny spikes for wide, natural texture, tapering the hair behind the ear with a clean, rounded shape. The final look mimics the rising sun—keeping hair trimmed tight around the ears while still leaving plenty of length to style up top.


Crop Top Fade

AKA: "The French Crop," this modern take on the Caesar presents a practical blend of style and ease. This fade features short, disheveled locks up top, plus blunt bangs, and a dramatic undercut. It blends all the best attributes of high fashion and low maintenance styles for a minimum-fuss look that brings a fashionable edge. Look business-ready when you roll out of bed, or, to lighten up the no-nonsense vibes, apply MITCH Matterial Styling Clay for a bit of texture.

male hair model with a taper fade
Not sure these new fades are right for you? Rest assured, the classic taper fade is always in style.
Tea Tree shaping cream
Add a bit of hold and dimension to your fade with Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream.

Reverse Fade

New to the list of trending fades, the reverse fade presents a whole new take on the classic technique. This up-and-coming cut reverses the fade to the part line, showcasing trendy, tapered length up top and down below. Does it look new to you? That’s because we helped pioneer the trend. Our Supercuts stylists work their blades from the longest to shortest lengths, allowing us to customize your fade line anywhere you like. Not only does this technique offer more control and length preservation when sculpting the look, it also gives hair soft, fluid shape and flow. Like the look? Do this style a favor and pick up Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream before you leave the salon for picture-perfect hold when styling at home.


It’s easy to plop down and ask for "the usual," but a simple change—like one of these fresh fades—can completely upgrade your look. Next time you’re in one of our chairs, ask about this year’s fall favorites. Our expertly-trained stylists will be happy to help you comb through options to find a cut that makes you feel super.

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