Four Ways to Look Fresh Fast After Your Workout

When getting away from your busy day for a trip to the gym feels like a challenge, having enough time to shower and then style your hair can be next to impossible. But it doesn’t have to be a drain on your day. By packing your gym bag with the right products and tools, you can quickly get back to your day looking fresh and polished.

1. Give it a lift

For men, rub a dime-size amount of styling clay—try MITCH Matterial Styling Clay or Sexy Hair Style Sexy Matte Clay—between your hands and then run them through the length of hair, staying away from the scalp area. Massage and scrunch your hair with your fingers while aiming a blow-dryer at the roots for a lift of volume.

2. Blow it out

For women, especially women with longer hair, dry up any post-workout dampness with a blow dryer and round brush. Begin by lightly spraying Biolage Full Density Densifying Thickening Spray or Total Results High Amplify Wonder Boost for body, hold, and a fresh scent. To quickly create serious oomph, focus at the roots, pulling the hair up and away from your scalp with the brush while aiming the dryer at the brush.

3. Get it fresh

You can skip the shower but still reinvigorate your hair with a dry shampoo like Biolage Clean and Full Dry Shampoo or Paul Mitchell Dry Wash Shampoo after a workout. Spritz dry shampoo onto dry hair, focusing at the roots and areas with visible oiliness. But be sure your hair is dry before applying, dry shampoo leaves behind a cakey residue when sprayed on damp hair.

4. Pull it up

When in doubt, a simple up-do is a no-fail look for after the gym. Limp and tired post-workout hair is no match for a pony tail, bun or braid. Just use a little dry shampoo or a light hairspray to give it some lift and hold before styling—no one will know you just finished a workout.

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