Footloose and Carefree: How to Create Spring’s Textured Waves

Spring doesn’t mean you have to get a pixie or bob cut — just get a trim and go for boho waves for the start of beach season. They’re a carefree way to enjoy on-the-go sun-and-fun. Here’s how:


Go Boho via a Braid

For a natural look, braid your hair while it’s still wet and sleep on it overnight. When you wake up, gently break apart your braids and brush through your hair. Rub a dime-sized amount of Paul Mitchell Re-Works Texture Cream between your palm and work through your hair for flexible hold all day.

Wavy hair model

Get Waves with a Curling Iron

Another way of creating boho waves is with a curling iron and flat iron. If you have different sized irons, using a larger barrel curling iron and one that’s slightly smaller will create more texture and dimension.

Working in sections, wrap hair around the iron, pulling curls down as you release them from the barrel. When you’ve finished, lightly brush through your curls. Take your brush and lightly backbrush your curls to give them that effortless, chic look.

Then, take a flat iron, if you have one, and run the hair at the crown of your head through it. This will tone down the volume, so it’s focused on the bottom half of your hair. Apply Paul Mitchell Re-Works Texture Cream through your waves to give them matte definition. Apply a shine spray to your crown to complete the style.

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