Finding the Right Cut for Your Face Shape

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To get your best haircut yet, knowing which type of haircut works for your specific face shape can go a long way. That’s right. Certain haircuts are better for you than others. Have wide cheekbones? Maybe you want something that helps elongate your face. Got a narrow forehead? Help fill it out and appear a bit wider with some bangs. No matter your face shape, there are hairstyles that will fit you best. So let’s find out what’s best for you.


To see which shape you might have, try this:


  • Stand in front of the mirror. Outline the shape of your face by drawing on the mirror using a bar of soap (don’t worry, it’s easy to wipe off).
  • If your forehead is the widest part of your face, you likely have either a Triangular or Heart-shaped face. As your face narrows towards the jawline, a rounder chin likely means you’re a Heart while a more pointed chin likely means your a Triangle.
  • If your cheekbones are the widest part of your face, you likely have a Diamond-shaped face.
  • If your forehead, cheekbones and jawline are roughly the same width, you likely have a Square or Rounded face shape.
  • If your face tends to be longer top to bottom than it is wide, you likely have an Oval or Oblong face shape. An Oblong face shape is a bit wider in the jawline than an Oval face shape.


Now that you know your face shape, let’s see which haircuts are best for your given face shape.

Face shape animation
Triangle face animation


Goal: Elongate

Top Picks: Clipper Cut, Layering, Hi-Top Fade (but not TOO high)

Why?: Keeping your hair a medium length will help balance the triangle face. Wearing it too short will draw too much attention to your sharp jawline. You'll also want to lengthen your look a bit with some height up top. You can probably pass on the bangs, but ask your stylist to be sure.

Heart face shape animation


Goal: Balance proportion

Top Picks: Clipper Cut, Layering, Longer Comb Over

Why?: A heart-shaped face needs a bit of width at the sides. Don't take it too short above the ears or it'll only draw attention to the narrowness of the the jawline. And speaking of a beard can help fill out your face and balance the look.


Goal: Fill in shape

Top picks: Clipper Cut, Longer Comb Over, Layering

Why?: One of the more unique face shapes to complement, the styles for the diamond that work best are ones with a some bangs. This will help fill out your shape and give your forehead some width.     


Goal: Accentuate the jawline

Top Picks: Taper Fade, Layering, Faded Crop, The Undercut, Textured Comb Over

Why?: Square face? Pick a cut that'll showcase your strong jawline. Similar to the round face info below, you'll want to have a bit of length and height in your style to make sure you don't end up looking too block-y.

Round face shape illustration


Goal: Add definition

Top Picks: The Brush Up, Faded Crop Cut, Textured Brush Back, Textured Comb Over

Why?: The right hairstyle for a rounder face shape is one that helps the face appear longer. You'll want something short on the sides and back, but with a bit of length up top. Try to avoid bangs. They'll only make your face look rounder.

Oblong face shape illustration


Goal: Balance shape

Top Picks: The Hi-Top Fade, Layering, Textured Comb Over, Faded Crop 

Why?: There are a lot of choices for oval faces, but you'll want a style that makes your face appear less long. Add height and angle with your hairstyle choice. A look that has shorter sides with a taller top worn messy with some texture paste or a side part will help add an angle to your look.


No matter your face shape, you’ve got loads of amazing haircut options to help you look your best. Want to know more or have a question? Just ask your Supercuts stylist. They’re trained to help with info on everything from cuts and face shapes to products and styling.

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