Dry Shampoo: Why It May Just Be the Perfect Product for You

We all know there aren’t enough hours in the day. But there’s a hair styling product that just may get you a few minutes back and your hair will thank you for it: dry shampoo.


Dry shampoos have been around for years, but recently stylists have been recommending them more and more to both their male and female guests as a way to keep hair and hairstyles looking good.


The product comes in both aerosol and powder form, and is designed to absorb excess oil at the scalp. This prevents your hair from looking greasy and matted down, while refreshening and deodorizing from scalp to the ends.


For women, leave dry shampoo at your desk or in your purse and use it to amp up your hair for the evening. And for men worried about fine or thinning hair, dry shampoo’s ability to add volume aids in the look of texture and fullness.


So the next time your hair’s looking a bit dull, flat, or lifeless, think about giving dry shampoo a shot. Redken Two-Day Extender and Paul Mitchell Dry Wash are the perfect places to start. Ask your stylist about them the next time you visit a Supercuts.

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